Fly Or Die an easy browser game, however the variety of options and features available that it offers is simply incredible. There are a lot of players on the internet (yes the game has an option to play multiplayer, where you can sign up for your personal account and play others) People travel all over the world and upgrade their characters frequently. It’s incredible how many people play this game as well as how many lobbies are in existence and how enjoyable the simple game is.

The main menu is complicated, but there’s nothing particularly unique here. There are two fields that you can fill in with your username, a choice to switch the server, and the option to be a guest, or sign up for an account to play it (please do not use the guest mode player, spend a few minutes to register your free account to keep track of your progressing and earn accomplishments) You can also modify the experience of the game. You can also change the languages, and at the lower part of the menu, you will be able to see your progress and accomplishments. For me it was to play for 30 minutes, eat three pieces of breadslices, and eventually get progressively worse. Each gave me various rewards, but some were decent (this is another reason to sign up for an account to ensure you don’t forfeit your reward points! ).

How can you make progress within the game? In the beginning, you begin as a fly, they can only eat… the poop… Yeah it’s the same, once you consume enough waste (sorry it’s just how the game functions) you’ll grow and your menu will change too. This is the way it goes for a long period of time for you to find the source of your food, look on the map for objects that have green borders. A green border means you are able to eat these things and grow your character.

There are many hazardous things that can be found in nature. For instance, when drinking water, you need to be aware of your oxygen level. Some animals may have a green border but they are poisonous and eating them can cause serious harm to your pet. There are other things you should be cautious about, so avoid an encounter with strange-looking creatures that you’re not used to.

It will take us a long time to cover every feature of the game. I will only include mobile download links in order to provide you with the chance to play your smartphone and I will provide an amazing video tutorial that can be worth the price of a thousand words.

This is among the most evolving games currently It is well-known, fascinating and fun. There are a variety of stages of development in it, and each one is unique to the rules. Fly across the world to avoid predators, hunt for your prey and develop continuously, play Fly or Die io with us and let us know what you think in the comments below.